On the Scene: KillaCycle breaks its own world record

November 12, 2007

I was fortunate to see the KillaCycle at the Pomona AHDRA races this weekend. The bike set two times under 8 seconds for the quarter mile (7.82 and 7.99), to set a new world record. Pictures and a video:


I apologize for the horrible video quality since it was captured on a mobile phone.

After they set the new record, the bike’s owner let me onto some interesting possibilities for the future:

-A123 is going to be providing the team with a new, 1,000hp battery pack using ultra high power density cells.

-In order to deal with this power, the motor will need to be upgraded to AC instead of the traditional, “stone age” brushed DC motors.

-A new bike frame will need to be built to accommodate the different battery pack, the new motor and controllers, as well as a much bigger and better rear tire.

The KillaCycle folks want to outrace the top fuel (nitromethane+methanol) motorcycles, and with the right amount of sponsorship, money, and time, they don’t anticipate having ANY problems doing this.



  1. If you want a better video, I’ll send you mine. I was standing next to you. Write me to gnss_engr@yahoo.com

  2. Today, I was thinking of a name, if a new AC (Tesla induction motor) Killacycle drag bike is ever made. I came up with “The Killacycle AC”.

    Now I discover, via your excellent article, that an
    AC Killacycle is coming soon. This is extremely good news. The AC Killacyle should turn the 1/4 mile near
    6 seconds flat making it the fastest drag bike
    in the world.

    Just think what the Killacycle team could do (with their superior electric vehicle technology)if they
    had even a little of the financing of the ICE guys
    and ICE women in professional racing.

  3. Way to go, Killacycle! I’ve been watching their efforts for a while, and if the dinosaurs (ICEs) are getting worried yet, they should be!

  4. Hello Bill. I wanted to say that was a good run at Pamona. I know that the world of electrics is really on the up swing of going even faster. You guys have done well and I say “way to go”. I am still invovled in motorcycle drag racing, but with “ICE’s”
    I never had the knowlage as my dad had with electric power. Even though I got to build, and drive/ride just about all the ones we made together. I have no doubt that the “Electric powered” will surpass the “ICE powered” hands down. Maybe someday I cn get back involved with building another electrficbike as well. Have to see! Thanks for pursuing your dream. Randy Rannberg

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